Patrick Warburton, Loverboy and National Car Rental…

If I was channeling the late, great, Johnny Carson’s character, “Carnac The Magnificent”, the answer to this title would be, “What do you get with a tick working for the weekend for a mid-sized upgrade?”

Seriously though, our client “Loverboy” has been busy. They are our second client that we now know of that has cut a national commercial. Not one but two actually; a one minute one and a 30-second follow-up one, with the droll and hysterical Patrick Warburton (sitcoms: “Rules of Engagement”, “Joe Swanson” on “Family Guy”, “Puddy” from “Seinfeld”, “The Tick” and many more). Check them out:

Also, you owe it to yourself to check out Patrick Warburton in his short lived comedy, based on the comic book, “The Tick”. You can usually find it on one of the streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. It’s become quite the cult classic.

Patrick Warburton as The Tick

Finally, for my younger viewers that have absolutely no clue what I was talking about in my opening lines about “Carnac the Magnificent”, he was a beloved character, created by Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon, that my generation looked forward to every few weeks on “The Tonight Show”. It was based on an old vaudeville comedy mind-reading routine, where the “psychic” would predict the answers to sealed questions or statements. Carson and McMahon were terrific playing off each other and sometimes the ad libs were funnier than the script. Here’s a video segment of the routine from 1982. You may have to Google some of the references since they were topical for that date.