The Trouble With Taxes!

Debtor's Prison

Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Inheritance Tax, Corporate Tax, Payroll Tax, Gift Tax…the world is filled with hundreds of different types of taxes. There are so many to choose from it’s enough to keep a politician happy for life and after. So where do you begin? Well, if you are attending the Amsterdam Dance Event this upcoming October 19-23, our very own Cecile Glunt will be speaking to clear everything up for you!

The Trouble With Taxes! will be held on October 20th as one of the ADE Pro venues held that day. The 45-minute seminar will cover topics such as legitimate deductions, credits for  double taxations, everything you want to know about VATs but were afraid to ask and what to do with the abolishment of the VAR system in Holland. So click that link, mark it on your schedule and join Cecile, Harold Grams, Dick Molenaar and Moderator Dave Clarke as they help you navigate the pitfalls and grasp the joys of global entertainment taxation!

FOUR Nominations!

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin


I just received the great news that our client, Ten Strings and a Goat Skin, from Prince Edward Island, Canada, scored FOUR nominations this year from their new album Auprès du Poêle at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, being held in Toronto this year, December 2 – 3. This is the most nominations for any performer at this year’s event!

Nominations were in the following categories:

  • Traditional Album of the Year
  • Traditional Singer of the Year
  • Ensemble of the Year
  • Pushing the Boundaries

If you are not familiar with these performers, they are amazingly talented; a bilingual mix of English and French combined with a Guitar, Fiddle and a Bodran, creating a modern Folk/Fusion sound. Check out the reviews on their website.

Congratulations guys and good luck at the awards!

Psycho Las Vegas

This weekend we are heading to Psycho Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel.
We have a good number of clients performing at this event including one of the pioneers of Shock Rock and Heavy Metal, Arthur Brown.

Arthur Brown singing "Fire"

Arthur Brown singing “Fire”

Will be sending updates to the blog during the weekend.

No. 1 in the World!


Congratulations to our client We Banjo 3. Their album String Theory is NUMBER 1 on the Billboard World Albums chart this week. That’s the entire world folks, including Suriname, Tonga and Mauritania!

Great job guys!

Oceans Ate Alaska

Jackie and I had the opportunity to see another one of our British clients, Oceans Ate Alaska, perform. They are on the grueling Vans Warped Tour that came through Orlando last night. The weather was very fortunate to them as this is daily thunderstorm season but yesterday it was just a light sprinkle only. Jackie and I had a chance to have dinner with them. These guys are great fun to spend time with.


My team and I send our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families of this early morning tragedy here in Orlando. Like the rest of our community, we are saddened and shocked over this. I will write more about this later…

NAPAMA Retreat

I just returned from the NAPAMA Retreat in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. The location was wonderful; the Historic Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort on the Delaware River. Interesting in that they had pictures of Jackie Gleason all over the place, so with that, “Away we go!”
This was just a bit different from the meeting in Ft. Lauderdale last year as the very first thing I noticed was the guys on the first tee were wearing jackets, wool caps and gloves on both hands. I brought my standard tropical shirts that I wear to the office every day. Not a good decision as the weather was a brisk BRRRRR for this Florida guy. It really didn’t matter though, gloves or tropical shirts, I still play golf like I’m wearing a suit of armor. US Steel should sponsor me!

The meeting was fabulous. Great speakers and peers trying to help each other. The committee puts on a spectacular conference. I am looking forward to next year – no matter where it is held.

Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine 01

Last evening I was back at The Social in downtown Orlando to see our client from Montreal, Black Tiger Sex Machine. BTSM, as their fans refer to them, puts on an incredibly unique show that combines a dark, electronica music style using a central DJ mixer, drum machines, and keyboards synchronized to a light show, especially the LED lighting on their famous Tiger Masks. Here is a short video of the experience:

As someone who finds himself becoming more entrenched with senior citizenry the older I get, I don’t have many opportunities to see many of our DJ clients perform; I am generally in bed before they get on stage. However…I wanted to see the masks! The audience went nuts when the masks lit up. I was absolutely fascinated. It was amazing watching the sold-out crowd react to the production effect too.
Fans of BTSM were treated to an impressive show, with Dabin, who opened the evening followed by Apashe; both of those artists working the crowd into a frenzy for BTSM to hit the stage. What a great show!

Black Tiger Sex Machine 02

Black Tiger Sex Machine 03

Black Tiger Sex Machine 04

Celtic Nights in Central Florida

Last evening, we had the opportunity to see one of our clients perform at the Celtic Nights – Spirit of Freedom tour in the Clermont Arts & Recreation Center. This was my first time visiting this facility and it is by no means a small venue; one thousand patrons can easily fit comfortably within its confines with a great view of the stage.
This was a great production and the crowd absolutely loved this show. If you weren’t Irish when you walked in, you felt Irish when you walked out – with a big smile on your face.
The singers were spectacular.
The dancers were the same.
A wonderful night!

I have flat run out of stuff to say about this show, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a couple thousand more words for you:

Celtic NIghts 01

Celtic Nights 02

Skinny Lister Goes Social!

No, we’re not talking about Facebook, Twitter or crumpets and tea out in some English countryside estate. We are talking about The Social, Orlando’s oldest currently active venue for shows – built in the 1920s. It has gone through a lot of ownership/management changes throughout the years but it still stands strong. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to be in the building since, well, I probably had hair; I’m guessing over 25 years ago.

The Social was a perfect venue for our client Skinny Lister. They are one of the most fun groups we have seen in years. Here’s a good way to describe them:

Skinny Lister had disembarked the Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise out of Miami on Monday. The Social had over 50 cruise passengers that followed the band the 235 miles up to Orlando to watch them perform again!

This group is a British Folk Musc band from London and they are  just great fun on stage to watch. I encourage everyone to go see them.

Skinny Lister at The Social, March 23 1996, Pic 1

Skinny Lister at The Social, March 23 1996, Pic 1

Skinny Lister at The Social, March 23 1996, Pic 2

Skinny Lister at The Social, March 23 1996, Pic 2