Another Great Show From Jive Aces!

Kim and Linda had a fantastic time seeing our client Jive Aces perform at Venice Performing Arts Center in Venice, FL!

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa, unfortunately, had to cancel a show in Orlando, FL at House of Blues as she was not feeling well.  We wish her a swift recovery and hope to see her show on her next tour!

Rolo Tomassi in Orlando

Tonight Jackie and I had an opportunity to meet with James Spence of Rolo Tomassi from England before their show at Back Booth, here in Orlando.
This was their first trip to the US in quite a number of years.  The tour was very short so we decided a Central Withholding Agreement was not in their financial best interest.
They will be back in 2018 and we look forward to working with them again.
Here’s an action photo before the show.

LOL Brazil: Part 3

Sergio Mallandro was here last night cracking up the audience.
Once again, I don’t speak Portuguese so Sergio handed me a script – and said something like “the jokes are not that funny when I have to explain them to you….”
Then he laughed.
I then said the Central Withholding Agreement saved him 30% in tax – with a Brazilian accent.
He then said something about keeping my day job.

Happy New Year!


In the world of CWA’s we work on a 45 day deadline to send applications to the IRS.  Today is currently 45 days from January 1st so we are celebrating the New Year here at CWA Management!

HIM in Orlando

Legendary rock band HIM was at House of Blues in Disney Springs last night as a part of their farewell tour after 26 years together. Unfortunately, this will be our last Central Withholding Agreement with them as they are ending the band.

Mauricio Meirelles

Last night was another great night of comedy for folks that speak Portuguese.
I don’t – but I recognize what his tee shirt says.
Mauricio doesn’t really understand what a Central Withholding Agreement is.
He did understand “lower tax.”

With Confidence in Orlando!

Glad our client, With Confidence, was in Orlando at The Social!

Performed an amazing show to a packed house.


“Rock ‘n’ Roll Movie Star”, New Music Video by The Jive Aces

Congratulations to our client The Jive Aces with the release of their new music video, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Movie Star” that was released less than twelve hours ago!




RIP Gord Downie

We are very sad to learn that our friend Gord Downie, lead singer for our client, The Tragically Hip, passed away a couple of days ago from the brain cancer he was diagnosed with in May of 2016. I and my staff would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends, bandmates and even the country of Canada where Gord was such a popular musical icon, on the passing of such a talented and wonderful man.