22nd Annual Indy Irish Fest


Ah, the Indy Irish Fest. As you may have guessed, Indianapolis was the site of this bi-annual conference and just like my previous trip to Austin, it was my first time to the city. Also like Austin, this is a state capital with a tremendous amount of historical sites to see. Finally, like Austin, Indianapolis would be an easy city to spend at least three days taking a short vacation…if I did such a thing.

This was the largest conference AICF (Association of Irish and Celtic Festivals) has ever had with over 100 attendees.


His Hooleyness, Pope Malarkey I was there. He was kind enough to present me with a card good for 1 free sin. I think if I acquire 8734 more, I break even in life.


It was great to see a lot of friends again – including the Saint of all Irish Festivals, my good friend Ed Ward.