Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine 01

Last evening I was back at The Social in downtown Orlando to see our client from Montreal, Black Tiger Sex Machine. BTSM, as their fans refer to them, puts on an incredibly unique show that combines a dark, electronica music style using a central DJ mixer, drum machines, and keyboards synchronized to a light show, especially the LED lighting on their famous Tiger Masks. Here is a short video of the experience:

As someone who finds himself becoming more entrenched with senior citizenry the older I get, I don’t have many opportunities to see many of our DJ clients perform; I am generally in bed before they get on stage. However…I wanted to see the masks! The audience went nuts when the masks lit up. I was absolutely fascinated. It was amazing watching the sold-out crowd react to the production effect too.
Fans of BTSM were treated to an impressive show, with Dabin, who opened the evening followed by Apashe; both of those artists working the crowd into a frenzy for BTSM to hit the stage. What a great show!

Black Tiger Sex Machine 02

Black Tiger Sex Machine 03

Black Tiger Sex Machine 04