Protest the Hero at House of Blues

Last night Jackie and I had the opportunity to go back to House of Blues at Disney Springs.
Our client from Canada, Protest the Hero, was performing to a packed house.
They were the feature group for August Burns Red’s 10th-anniversary Tour.


Here’s a picture of Jackie with Tim MacMillar after the show-

Tim MacMillar

APAP – 2017 in New York City


I’m in New York City again for this year’s APAP convention. There is a reason why I have lived in Florida for more than 50 years. I’ve also discovered you can no longer make snow angels in front of the Trump Tower…


Internal Revenue Service

CWA Management is very excited to announce that our sister company, Business Development Partners Inc, has been appointed as a Certified Acceptance Agent by the IRS. Business Development Partners is a 29 year CPA firm based in Orlando. We strongly believe that foreign artists should get a US Social Security Number if possible. We consider it to be a superior number to an ITIN. However, there are times when getting an SSN is not possible. An ITIN may be the only solution to getting tax refunded. We can do this for you!

Here is a good article written by Daniel Hood from the website Accounting Today that goes into further detail about expiring ITINs for 2017.

Many ITINs due to expire, IRS warns

Many Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers will expire on Jan. 1, 2017, and ITIN holders hoping to avoid refund delays should renew now, the Internal Revenue Service is warning.

ITINs are used by anyone who has to pay or file U.S. taxes, but isn’t eligible for a Social Security number. Under a recent tax law change, ITINs that haven’t been used on a tax return in the last three years will expire at the beginning of next year.

Also set to expire are ITINs with 78 or 79 as the fourth and fifth digits (9NN-79-NNNN or 9NN-79-NNNN).

While those with expired ITINs can apply for renewal after January 1, the IRS is warning that the usual application period of as little as seven weeks is likely to be as much as four weeks longer for those who submit in January and February.

The service also noted that is seeing a number of common mistakes on renewal applications so far, primarily involving missing information and insufficient supporting information.

Dr. Phillips Charities

Last evening Jackie and I had the opportunity to attend “An Evening of Thanks” hosted by Dr. Phillips Charities.
This was in appreciation of first responders and their unwavering, daily commitment to the safety of Central Florida.
Rascal Flatts was the entertainment. We don’t get an opportunity to see many American groups and it was a thrill to watch them perform.
The real excitement was watching the law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders have an incredible night.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Last night, Jackie and I had the opportunity to see our client, Ben Leftwich at The Social in Orlando.
Ben is very captivating on stage. His sense of humor is spectacular and he makes it a point to connect with his audience personally.

“Lovin’ Life”, New Music Video by The Jive Aces

Congratulations to our client The Jive Aces with the release of their new music video, “Lovin’ Life”, from their album “Spread A Little Happiness”.


The Trouble With Taxes!

Debtor's Prison

Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Inheritance Tax, Corporate Tax, Payroll Tax, Gift Tax…the world is filled with hundreds of different types of taxes. There are so many to choose from it’s enough to keep a politician happy for life and after. So where do you begin? Well, if you are attending the Amsterdam Dance Event this upcoming October 19-23, our very own Cecile Glunt will be speaking to clear everything up for you!

The Trouble With Taxes! will be held on October 20th as one of the ADE Pro venues held that day. The 45-minute seminar will cover topics such as legitimate deductions, credits for  double taxations, everything you want to know about VATs but were afraid to ask and what to do with the abolishment of the VAR system in Holland. So click that link, mark it on your schedule and join Cecile, Harold Grams, Dick Molenaar and Moderator Dave Clarke as they help you navigate the pitfalls and grasp the joys of global entertainment taxation!

PAE in Orlando

The Performing Arts Exchange of the South is holding their annual conference in Orlando. I had a wonderful opportunity to welcome friends to my hometown.
Dinner tonight included Jennifer Morris – Siegel Artist Management, Jackie Page – CWA Management,  David Wannen – President of NAPAMA, Christine Barkley – Creative Booking Agency and Jeff Laramie – SRO Artists.

FOUR Nominations!

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin


I just received the great news that our client, Ten Strings and a Goat Skin, from Prince Edward Island, Canada, scored FOUR nominations this year from their new album Auprès du Poêle at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, being held in Toronto this year, December 2 – 3. This is the most nominations for any performer at this year’s event!

Nominations were in the following categories:

  • Traditional Album of the Year
  • Traditional Singer of the Year
  • Ensemble of the Year
  • Pushing the Boundaries

If you are not familiar with these performers, they are amazingly talented; a bilingual mix of English and French combined with a Guitar, Fiddle and a Bodran, creating a modern Folk/Fusion sound. Check out the reviews on their website.

Congratulations guys and good luck at the awards!

Devin Townsend Project


Last evening, Jackie and I had the opportunity to meet our client Devin Townsend. He performed at The Plaza – a favorite Orlando venue I’ve talked about before. A few days ago, Devin had a bit of an accident and sprained his ankle. Backstage before the show, he was on crutches and could not walk. His ankle was the size of a grapefruit and had colors that a calligrapher would be proud of. On stage, he killed the packed house and no one knew – unless they had followed his Facebook page – which has some funny comments.

Professionals like Devin know how to give the audience an incredible show – and his fans loved it. When he hit the stage, the rush of the fans must have made his pain disappear.