NAPAMA Retreat

I just returned from the NAPAMA Retreat in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. The location was wonderful; the Historic Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort on the Delaware River. Interesting in that they had pictures of Jackie Gleason all over the place, so with that, “Away we go!”
This was just a bit different from the meeting in Ft. Lauderdale last year as the very first thing I noticed was the guys on the first tee were wearing jackets, wool caps and gloves on both hands. I brought my standard tropical shirts that I wear to the office every day. Not a good decision as the weather was a brisk BRRRRR for this Florida guy. It really didn’t matter though, gloves or tropical shirts, I still play golf like I’m wearing a suit of armor. US Steel should sponsor me!

The meeting was fabulous. Great speakers and peers trying to help each other. The committee puts on a spectacular conference. I am looking forward to next year – no matter where it is held.