Korean Zombie Returns to UFC!

Last night our client, Chan Sung Jung, was back in the Octagon as the headline event in the UFC Fight Night 104 at the Houston Toyota Center. He was returning after a three and a half year layoff in which he was serving mandatory required military duty in South Korea.
The crowd went wild after he won with a knockout in the first of a scheduled five rounds.

Here are some more snippets of the event from Bleacher Report:

Chan Sung Jung puts the finishing touches on Dennis Bermudez at UFC Fight Night on Saturday night.Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Three-and-a-half years isn’t an eternity, but in the land of combat sports, it can be something close. In this cruel world, fighters can age out in months. When you’re talking years, you’re talking eras.

Witness, for instance, the story of Chan Sung Jung, who last competed in August 2013 before missing time to an injury and mandatory military service in his native South Korea.

So 1,282 days later, at UFC Fight Night in Houston on Saturday, Jung returned as a mystery. Such lengthy breaks during a fighter’s prime are nearly unprecedented in major MMA. Yet there he was, still just 29 years old and, for onlookers, frozen in time and reputation.

Would he return rusty? As if he hadn’t skipped a beat? Improved?

The answer was a combination of it all. But in the end, the Zombie did what the Zombie does, overcoming stacked odds, surviving danger, then eating his opponent’s soul.


This photo was taken the night before when Cecile met with Chan. His smile is from Cecile telling him how much more money he’ll be taking home due to using our services for filing a proper Tax Withholding Agreement.